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Home - Serenity PlaceSerenity Place, an NCADD affiliate,  is a non-profit community based addiction treatment and counseling agency for adult men and women 18 and older. We offer Crisis Services, Non-Medical Detoxification (detox), Transitional Living Programs, Intensive Outpatient Program for Men,  and Outpatient Services.  Serenity Place’s approach to treatment is based on the belief that addiction is a chronic disease that should be treated in a safe and caring clinical environment.  We are a collaborative community partner focused on providing a full spectrum of care for each individual,  whether it is through direct services or referrals to additional resources.

Recovery starts here and now.  603.625.6980.

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Community Crisis

On January 20th 2015, the article “Dying in secret: Telling overdose stories could save lives” appeared in the Union Leader prompting our CEO Sharon Drake’s response with this editorial that appeared in the January 27th Union Leader section A7. The message in both of these articles is very timely and touches on issues that are greatly impacting our community. The original article Sharon responded to can be found here:

Union Leader article / Serenity Place Treatment